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After a year of recruiting, the Florida FIRST program is proud to announce their first assistant professor to the program, Dr. Victor Buitron. After finishing his NIH T32 research fellowship at Brown University, he focused on child mental health. While doing so he developed a grant application focused on preadolescent suicidal behavior and social-cognitive development. Dr. Buitron was first inspired to become a clinical psychologist after working as an RA doing follow-up calls in a study tracking depressed college students.

The Florida State University College of Nursing is pleased to announce that Dr. Eugenia Millender, associate professor at the College of Nursing, and Co-Founder & Co-Director for the Center of Population Sciences for Health Equity, received a prestigious invitation to speak with The White House!

A team of Florida State University researchers from the College of Nursing, College of Medicine and College of Arts & Sciences has received a $14.5 million National Institutes of Health grant to build a diverse community of early career researchers committed to improving mental health and chronic disease prevention and management.